By using propane gas instead of electricity, consumers can cut emissions and help preserve the environment.

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Smith Precision Products Co.


Smith Precision Products Company (Smith Pumps) was founded in 1938 by Reuben Stanley Smith.  Reuben’s earlier work as chief engineer of the A. O. Smith Corporation in Milwaukee at a time when the automobile and welding industries were in their infancy, allowed him to develop some revolutionary products and processes.  This experience culminated with the design of the first pump developed specifically for Propane/Butane service, the model 300, and formed the basis for the balanced loading designs currently offered by the company.

Less than ten years after the company was founded, another revolutionary design was incorporated into the company’s pumps; a mechanical seal.  In 1947, the first Smith pump using a mechanical seal was shipped to the Campora Gas Company in California.  This single development changed all pumps.  By the mid-50’s, not only were most LP-GAS pump manufacturers using a mechanical seal, most pumps used to transfer other liquids were also using this design.

In the 50’s, the company developed the first comprehensive literature base using sound engineering principles to predict pump performance and installation techniques to maximize pump efficiency.  The company listed the first LP-GAS pump with the Underwriters Laboratories in 1955.

Today, the Smith product line includes over thirty positive displacement pump models with many options available for a wide variety of installations and use conditions.  Accessory equipment includes Y-type strainers, flexible drive couplings, and bypass relief valves.  The Company sells products in nearly every country around the world.  Smith Precision Products Company is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and is compliant with the European Directives which includes the ATEX Directive for products used in potentially explosive environments.  Where appropriate, Smith products are listed with the Underwriters Laboratories.

Our mission is to design and manufacture the very best technically advanced products and at the same time provide compassionate and understanding customer service designed to benefit the end-user. Before Reuben Stanley Smith passed away, he made it very clear to his immediate family that he wanted to insure his actions would have a positive impact on the next generation managing his company.  Every successive generation of the Smith family has honored Reuben’s legacy and recognizes the importance of how they interact with their colleagues, peers, and customers.   We are grateful to those using our products, especially the LP-Gas industry that inspired Reuben Stanley Smith to found our company some 73 years ago.