Because propane is virtually odorless and colorless in its natural state, a commercial odorant is added so propane can be detected if it leaks from its container.

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Rural Computer Consultants

Rural Computer Consultants was founded in 1979 in Bird Island, MN, by brothers Kevin and Brian Sheehan. Over the next 30 years, RCC has grown to over 40 employees who support our 1400 active installations throughout the United States, Canada as well as other countries.

FDS (Fuel Distribution System)  is packed full of special modules, designed for any size business whether large or small.

  • Sales-Daily Work, Cash Receipts, Point of Sale and much more.
  • Reports-Customer/Efficiency Reports, Credit Reports, Company/Equipment Reports and many more.
  • Routing & Scheduling- File Maintenance, Service Work Orders, Driver Daily Logs and more.
  • Customer Inquiry-Lookup customer details from accounts to general notes.

 FDS offers you Value, Flexibility, Profitability and Longevity.

  • Value-Powerful & Affordable
  • Flexibility-Adapts to your needs
  • Profitability-Helps manage your business efficiently
  • Longevity-Over three decades of superior software development and technical support

We pride ourselves on our support and customer service, with over 100 years of combined experience. Whether you are new to RCC or have been a customer for years we are here to assist you every step of the way helping you run your company efficiently.

We are proud of the propane industry and we pride ourselves on being  an industry leader in back office software. If you would like to learn more please feel free to call our sales department at 1-800-722-6659 or visit us on the web at