In respect to auto ignition temperature LPG, CNG, and LNG are much safer than gasoline or diesel because the auto ignition temperature is much higher.

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Blossman Gas, Inc.

As the propane industry prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday, Blossman Gas, Inc., is celebrating 60 years of keeping families comfortable.

In November 1951, E.W. “Woody” Blossman put his unique business policy into practice when he started a small gas delivery service on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

“All our competitors had money, equipment, everything we didn’t have,” said Woody Blossman.  “But they didn’t have the people we had.  Those ten we started out with took the ball, made the policy work, and eventually got to making a little money.”

Blossman Gas grew; first along the Gulf Coast and then into South Georgia and on into North Carolina. By the end of the 1950’s, the company had nine branch offices.

Under the leadership of Woody Blossman through the 1960’s, Blossman Gas continued to grow while adapting to industry and market trends.  Throughout these early years of growth and change, Blossman remained true to his original business philosophy.

“Blossman Gas exists for the benefit of its employees and the success of the company depends upon the employees rendering a superior service to its customers. ”

John R. Blossman embraced his father’s philosophy as he took the helm of Blossman Gas, Inc., in 1970. And with a renewed dedication to safety and employee education and training, John Blossman piloted Blossman Gas through the company’s greatest period of expansion.

Adhering to Blossman’s original business philosophy and with an unwavering faith in the company’s leadership, Blossman Gas employees marched confidently into new territory.  Blossman’s reputation for superior service allowed the company to expand markets in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, and open up new markets in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.  By the turn of the century Blossman Gas had grown to become the eleventh largest propane gas retailer in the nation with 77 retail locations.

Blossman Gas, still a privately-held, family owned business, turned over leadership during its 50th year in operation to a third generation.   At that time, Stuart E. Weidie became president of Blossman Gas, Inc., in 2001.

With a firm foundation built upon Blossman’s original philosophy, Stuart Weidie is leading Blossman Gas along the cutting edge of propane technology.  As appliance efficiency increases, Blossman Gas is exploring new and innovative uses for propane gas.

As a founding member of Alliance AutoGas, Blossman Gas is leading the propane industry in bringing clean, affordable vehicle fuel to the nation.  These efforts help America reduce its dependence on foreign oil while reducing harmful vehicle emissions.

At the same time, Blossman Gas is committed to expanding the propane gas market to a new, younger generation by praising the virtues of propane’s ecological benefits as compared to electricity.  Clean and environmentally-friendly, Blossman Gas wants to make propane the first choice for homeowners.

The strength of Blossman Gas lies in its core values and its steadfast adherence to its founding philosophy. It is this strength that will see the company through and into the future.

“The camaraderie that we have in this company,” said Stuart Weidie, “the commitment to team both at the branch and company level, this is what allows us to provide a superior service to our customers.”